Precision Plastic Machining YUMOTO ELECTRIC INC
Precision Plastic Machining YUMOTO ELECTRIC INC
Come to us for Plastic Processing

We offer cutting services and processing of plastics.
We handle various resins and various types of processing.

For new customers who require plastic processing

Feel free to inquire us about anything,from most simple to very professional.
We shall find the best way to fit your specifications,costs and lead time.
Your requests may be submitted in anyform.for example Model parts,Print out drawing or CAD Data.just ask us.

We process to order from one piece

We provide parts of multiple types in small lots with short leadtime and low costs.

・Cut Processing(Panel Saw)
・Milling(Conventional milling,Machining center)
・Lathing(Conventional Lathing,CNC)
・Gear Cutting
・Key hole slot cutting
・Boring(Boring machine)
・Heat Bending.Adhesive assembling.
・Plastic Welding

Material sales